What is Organic Farming ?

Organic can mean a variety of things to farmers and consumers in different countries around the world. At the base of each meaning, however, is a system of food, fibre and fuel production that is free from synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilisers. It is a method of agriculture in which a healthy plant grows from soil that has been nurtured through addition of natural materials such as manure, compost and other soil amendments.

Crop rotation, companion planting and good cultural practices are used as natural defences against pests and diseases that can adversely affect crops. Likewise, healthy livestock are raised without using hormones, antibiotics and synthetic drugs. Genetically modified organisms are not allowed under organic systems. The farmer attempts to “close the loop” by recycling farm waste internally and limiting external inputs.
Here are the courses offered at KIOF

KIOF has a strong team of hands-on training and support staff.
The organisation is managed by a Board of directors. The day-to-day running of the organisation and its activities is managed by the Director, John W. Njoroge, who works with a team of programme co-ordinators.
In order to discharge its mandate effectively, KIOF has divided its operations into five distinct services. These are: Training, Extension, Information Dissemination, Participatory On-Farm Research, and Consultancy. These services are provided by the following three departments:
» Training department, whose responsibilities also include training of farmers and organising regional workshops.
» Consultancy and Outreach department, which handles participatory on-farm research, consultancy services and demonstration centres.
» Information department, whose tasks include managing the Institute’s well-stocked library and producing various publications. The department puts out a monthly newsletter as well as a quarterly magazine known as Mambo Leisa – previously it was called Foes of Famine.
These departments are backed by a central administrative secretariat.

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