Our Vision

To be a lead institution for universal adoption of organic agriculture”.KIOF is a pioneer and leader in organic agriculture, and is committed to seeing global adoption of organic agriculture through training in organic practices, processing of organic pesticides, manufacturing of biomedicine, and marketing of both fresh and dried organic produce and livestock.

Our Mission

To promote organic farming through training, producing, processing and marketing of organic produce for healthy lifestyle and economic empowerment

Animals Keeping Education

KIOF mission is “To promote organic farming through training, producing, processing and marketing of organic produce for healthy lifestyle and economic empowerment”

Crops Growing

Farmers get advice on how to grow different type of crops and also on how to ensure their fields remains fertile and productive all the time,using organic form of farming.

Quality pig farming


Welcome to Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF)

The Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF) is a non-governmental organization operating throughout Kenya and the Eastern Africa region. It is not operated for profit or other commercial purposes, but exists solely for the benefit of the public at large by promoting rural development and education in organic agriculture and related marketing services. The Institute is located in Juja town on the ultramodern Nairobi-Thika Superhighway. It was officially established in 1986 to train and promote organic farming methods, mainly among smallholder Kenyan farmers. Initial programmes carried out in the former Central and Eastern Provinces of Kenya proved successful as they encouraged low-cost farming. As a result, organic farming became exceedingly popular, leading to rising demand for general information and training on organic agriculture from all over East Africa. Currently KIOF promotes practical training to farmer groups, KCSE level students and other rural youth.


Other courses offered to farmers include:

  • Mushroom production:  This includes both theory and practicals in value addition and marketing of mushrooms. Farmers are advised to make prior arrangements with KIOF trainers so as to have all the necessary equipment and materials before training commences.
  • Quality management systems (QMS): For producer groups this entails the following: Group certification, risk management, internal standard developments, internal inspection and certification, buying, handling and marketing.
  • Other tailor-made courses: These depend on the preference of the farmers involved. Farmers are advised to identify their specific needs and request for training on the same.
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