Our Vision

To be a lead institution for universal adoption of organic agriculture”.KIOF is a pioneer and leader in organic agriculture, and is committed to seeing global adoption of organic agriculture through training in organic practices, processing of organic pesticides, manufacturing of biomedicine, and marketing of both fresh and dried organic produce and livestock.

Our Mission

To promote organic farming through training, producing, processing and marketing of organic produce for healthy lifestyle and economic empowerment

Animals Keeping Education

KIOF mission is “To promote organic farming through training, producing, processing and marketing of organic produce for healthy lifestyle and economic empowerment”

Crops Growing

Farmers get advice on how to grow different type of crops and also on how to ensure their fields remains fertile and productive all the time,using organic form of farming.

Quality pig farming


Regular and Distant Learning

Distance Learning
Distance learning is designed to provide knowledge and information through administered assignments, course materials and thorough individual research.

• To provide an opportunity for working professionals who would like to acquire knowledge in organic farming during the period of their regular employment or current engagement.
• To close the knowledge gap on organic agriculture through practical research.

The first priority of this is to admit those candidates in agriculture-related areas or closely-related fields. Those with good certificates in agriculture, biological sciences or a C- and above in KCSE are considered.
The final certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed all the course units and performed well in the examinations given at the end of each semester.

Students may apply and join at any time but graduations will be programmed by the college annually

Mode of study
The course is a distance-learning programme. Students are given an opportunity to study as they work. Related units are combined together to form a unit. Each unit has an assignment, which must be completed by the learner and sent for marking. The student is required to come to KIOF for supervised examinations.

Course assessment
Examinations are a compulsory for all students and all individual learners will be required to present themselves in person to sit for any examination..

Research work
Research is very important in organic farming for documentation and “hands on learning”. The student should be able to identify a research project during the first semester of the first year, write a research proposal in the second semester and then undertake practical research thereafter. Students are required to write their research reports in the last semester. An assessment is done by the end of the field research.

Once the course is completed, the distance learners will be notified when the next graduation is planned. A rehearsal will be carried out and the diploma awarded on the graduation day.