Our Vision

To be a lead institution for universal adoption of organic agriculture”.KIOF is a pioneer and leader in organic agriculture, and is committed to seeing global adoption of organic agriculture through training in organic practices, processing of organic pesticides, manufacturing of biomedicine, and marketing of both fresh and dried organic produce and livestock.

Our Mission

To promote organic farming through training, producing, processing and marketing of organic produce for healthy lifestyle and economic empowerment

Animals Keeping Education

KIOF mission is “To promote organic farming through training, producing, processing and marketing of organic produce for healthy lifestyle and economic empowerment”

Crops Growing

Farmers get advice on how to grow different type of crops and also on how to ensure their fields remains fertile and productive all the time,using organic form of farming.

Quality pig farming



Certificate courses give formal training leading to a recognized certificate in organic agriculture. This includes nine months of intensive theoretical and practical training and a five-month field attachment.


• Certificate in Organic Gardening • Certificate in Organic Livestock Keeping
• Certificate in Organic Crop Production • Certificate in Organic Soil Fertility Maintenance


• Diploma in General Organic Agriculture. • Diploma in Eco Tourism and Catering.
• Diploma in Biomedicine • Diploma in Organic Crop Protection
• Diploma in Organic Livestock Husbandry • Diploma in Animal Feeds in Organic Systems
• Diploma in Organic Animal Health Care • Diploma in Organic Certification and Marketing
• Diploma in Organic Soil Fertility Management • Diploma in Organic Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
• Diploma in Organic Export Business Management • Diploma in Water Resources and Irrigation Management
• Diploma in Ecological Appropriate Technology • Diploma in Organic Value Chain Development
• Diploma in Quality Management Systems • Diploma in Permaculture and Farm Design
• Diploma in Organic Farming Support Systems • Diploma in Mechanization of Organic Farming Systems
• Diploma in Organic Food Technology • Diploma in Organic Waste Management
• Diploma in Gender Mainstreaming in Organic Agriculture • Diploma in Organic Projects Fundraising and Resource Management
• Diploma in Information Technology

Applications forms can be downloaded here. Completed forms can be sent via mail to our contact details given on the About us page.
Alternatively, application forms may be obtained by writing directly to the Director of the Institute or the students’ coordinator.